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coaxial heat exchanger tube in tube
  • coaxial heat exchanger tube in tube
  • coaxial heat exchanger tube in tube

coaxial heat exchanger tube in tube

Min. Order:
1000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms:
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport:
Ocean, Air, Land
plain packing
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  • 1. High heat exchange efficiency 

    The heat exchange tube is an international heat transfer enhancement high-tech product and has the advantage of reverse heat flow of a double-pipe heat exchanger. Through repeated geometric parameter simulation and actual measurement optimization of the company, the heat transfer coefficient has reached the advanced level of the heat exchanger at present.


    2. High reliability and long service life

    Good welding position and a few welding spots reduce the hidden leakage danger greatly, and ensure reliability; and meanwhile, the material of the conventional bearing heat exchanger, which is in contact with water, is red copper which has better resistance to all kinds of corrosion and longer service life than steel.

    3.A deep and rugged surface on the water side is beneficial to the stretching on the three-dimensional direction to avoid freezing damage.

    4. High cleanliness and low performance degradation

    By adoption of a multi-head spiral groove corrugated structure and vortex and recess turbulence scouring, the product has self-descaling capacity; and due to stable performance and low degradation, dirt is reduced while the tube is clean.

    5. Strong whole harmonious ability Besides round, oblong, rectangular, double circle shaped and mosquito coil shaped standard products, the heat exchanger can be manufactured according to shapes and sizes specified by users to reach whole harmony and unity.

    6. Wide application range

    The conventional coaxial heat exchanger is particularly suitable for a heat pump water heater and a water source/air source heat pump. Heat exchange inner tubes are made of various materials such as red copper, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, iron white copper (BFe10-1-1) and nickel alloy, so the heat exchanger can be applied to special occasions of corrosive media such as sea water and acidic and alkaline salt.

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